Netnetstore - I got ripped off for 938.00 on Ebay and they dont care!

Bolingbrook, Illinois 2 comments

I found a reasonably priced 150cc Scooter on Ebay.Sent a bank check for the sum of 938.00, and I got a Junk Scooter that wont start!

Its been a year now and Im still pissed because the thing sits in my basement and still wont start! I bought it from a Scammer named Rak on Ebay. His Ebay store is called Netnetstore. He is located in Lorain Ohio.

I talked to everyone there except for him. I talked to his Mechanic, who stated hes just a Ford mechanic. I talked to the redeptionist, who always says hes gone or in a meeting. He did send me some parts but they didnt help and most of those parts were for the lights.

What a rip-off!

Review about: Rakatak Scooter.


Elkhart, Iowa, United States #20974

Dude, why not resell it but state it does not run? Maybe someone who knows how to fix scooters will buy it and fix it up.

And prowler99, you're not too bright either. You had two misspelled words and you forgot to capitalize "You're" and "Never."

Hey, you even forgot to put the period at the end, I see you had replaced it with a comma.

Next time you want to insult someone like that, make sure you know how to spell properly and use proper punctuation and capitalization or you make yourself look like a hypocrite. :zzz

Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, United States #13053

you're not to bright are you? never send a check to any e-bay sellers, no mattter what, always use paypal,

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